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Through our programs, we have created opportunities for dialogue between young creative leaders and decision-makers.


In a recent forum, we learned of a few key issues impacting the growth of artists and the industry in Cambodia.


Read the report ‘State of Play’ here. 

We have since been working with the Ministry of Social Affairs and

the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts to continue facilitating conversations around improving two key issues: social protection and copyright registration. 

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Creative Youth Ambassador

We work with youth leaders from various creative industries through our Creative Youth Ambassador [CYA] program.


This program aims to promote youth dialogue with the government, actively address challenges faced by artists entering the creative industries and build leadership skills.


.WAV Program

Through our Women’s Amplified Voices [.WAV] program, we are working with women in the studio, writing songs on socially engaged topics, including plastic waste, women’s rights

and promoting artists' self-expression.


This program aims to explore civic engagement

as an outcome of arts participation and the opportunities to create real-world projects through recording and releasing songs with partners led by the program participants.

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