Laura Mam is a woman on a mission: to change the face of popular music in Cambodia. Laura is one of Cambodia's first pop stars to gain nationwide recognition for original music and win major brand ambassadorships as a result of it. As an artist, she still holds brand ambassadorships with Smart Axiata, Pepsi, and Porsche. Her success model opened a new road for independent artists in Cambodia. It inspired her to co-found Baramey Production, which aims to nurture the growth of artists. Her vision for Cambodia is one where original music retakes the mainstream after 30 years of copied music and for a new Khmer sound to reclaim its place on the world stage.

“I have had multiple requests from fans and aspiring artists on how to have a career in the original music industry. Until now, I have never had a strong answer,” said  Mam, recent winner of this year’s Arts and Culture prize from the Women of the Future Awards South East Asia. “I am proud to support this. I believe it will give musicians the skills they need to finally take Cambodian music to the next level and build toward a healthier ecosystem for this industry”.


Pop/Hip-Hop duo Kmeng Khmer currently lead the original music movement. They hit instant success with the release of their debut album “My Way”. Kmeng Khmer have headlined large scale local concerts, consistently delivering a high energy dance performance to captivate the crowd and strike a chord in the heart with their slower emotional songs that everyone can sing along to. Their playfulness is matched with professionalism on and off stage make them easily approachable by fans, allowing them to engage with their audience in such a way that is unseen before in Cambodia.

Kmeng Khmer said they believe artists have a responsibility to create opportunities for other young musicians:
 “We're excited to support The Sound Initiative programme not just for new artists but musicians like us who want to continue learning and growing,"