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Our artist training projects are for youth looking to build their creative practice and learn new skills. We work with youth aged 18-35 to learn skills in the studio, collaborate, perform and hone their songwriting craft.


From opportunities to work on real-world projects, crafting campaigns and developing music videos - we create a space that supports our cohorts in taking creative risks.  


TSI has built up an alumni community of talented emerging artists who have gone on to work in the music industry and continue to create, perform and lead in their own creative projects. We promote gender balanced programmes and have also started a women in tech project (.WAV). One of the results of these projects has been "Dream".


Music 4.0, is a course designed to help artists and producers improve their digital skills in music production and the business aspects of their careers. 


.WAV [Women's Amplified Voices] is a program supporting the next generation of young women through music and tech.

soundwave final.png

SOUNDWAVE is the final part of our programs. This graduation event celebrates the program's close with discussions, networking, a ceremony and a concert to provide a platform to promote youth in music and the arts.

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