Kmeng Khmer and Laura Mam support new artist development programme, The Sound Initiative

Phnom Penh - With the support of Ambassadors Laura Mam and Kmeng Khmer, The Sound Initiative is  launching  its inaugural artist development programme. The project, sponsored by Prudential, is offering ten scholarships to aspiring young Khmer songwriters and music producers for a year-long training course. Applications are currently open to the public.

The 12-month music training programme begins in June with the aim of supporting the next generation of Khmer artists to create original music in Cambodia. Through education and mentorship, this programme aims to prepare young musicians with the skills needed to prosper in the music industry.

The curriculum will focus primarily on songwriting and arranging skills employed by many hit songwriters. By the end of the course, aspiring contemporary writers, performers, and producers will be equipped with the necessary skills to begin to record and mix compositions and help them advance their career in music.

The Sound Initiative is supported by some of the biggest original music artists in Cambodia. The inaugural course was designed in collaboration with Kmeng Khmer and Laura Mam.

“I have had multiple requests from fans and aspiring artists on how to have a career in the original music industry. Until now, I have never had a strong answer,” said  Mam, recent winner of this year’s Arts and Culture prize from the Women of the Future Awards South East Asia. “I am proud to support this. I believe it will give musicians the skills they need to finally take Cambodian music to the next level and build toward a healthier ecosystem for this industry”

Kmeng Khmer said they believe artists have a responsibility to create opportunities for other young musicians. “I’m excited for this programme not just for new artists but musicians like us who want to continue learning and growing,” said Kmeng Khmer.

The Sound Initiative’s goal is to establish a centre of excellence – an accessible, structured, and sustainable talent development pathway - in original music, working in partnership with industry professionals and the education sector in Cambodia.

“Musicians today are increasingly expected to have a versatile skill set.” Says UK Musician and Founder of The Sound Initiative, Laura Baker. “Music education and mentorship develops the creative capacities for lifelong success. It helps develop originality and flexibility. This programme is designed to help young artists thrive in this environment by creating better access to support, technology and technical skills to create professional-sounding original Khmer music.”

Five singer/songwriters and five music producers will be selected for the 10 open scholarship positions. Applications are open until April 1st on here on the website: