Mentoring is an important part of our
vocational music training programme. 
We are looking for music mentors
to support young Cambodian
artists in their journey. 

We are looking for established musicians who would like to share their expertise by joining The Sound Initiative mentoring scheme.

Potential Mentors. If you...

  1. Are looking to exchange knowledge/skills with young professionals

  2. Want to create new music with young Khmer musicians

  3. Are an experienced musician and performer, who has worked in an educational/mentoring context

  4. Are a musician with varied experience of music-making/performing, working with a range of age groups and familiar with a wide range of learning styles

  5. Have relevant professional work experience in youth development or supporting emerging talent

  6. Have skills in one or more: performance, songwriting, production and/or technological skill. Musicians also with a background in pop/rock, hip hop, electronic/digital, production, sound design, beat-making.

β€œIn my mentoring sessions I learnt how to improve my rapping, singing, how to use music software and even a new instrument. Because the teaching technique was so useful and clear, I could understand and apply my learning easily. Thank you so much for bringing us an amazing opportunity for learning.”

Singer, Songwriter, Rapper