Sponsors and Partners

Thank you to all of our sponsors and partners for their continued generosity and support.

Your support is fundamental in enabling us to improve access to world class educational opportunities to Khmer musicians. 

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Diamond Sponsor

Prudential is the Diamond Sponsors for The Sound Initiative Programme Prudential have a long history of investing in the communities they live and work in - with their support we are able to provide  music scholarships and promote financial literacy through workshops run by Prudential staff. 




Ragamuffin is home to Songkites, a leadership and songwriting programme that equips young artists with recording experience, teamwork, career planning, personal development and creativity.  As our Education and Music Production Partner, the SongKites team play a key role in the TSI programme development and implementation.


Placement partner

Baramey manages some  the most commercially successful original music artists the Kingdom. The company's vision  to re-build Cambodian original music industry. Baramey offers performance opportunities for emerging artists, post-graduation from TSI programme.