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This two-part exchange programme developed links between Cambodian and British based musicians and music institutions to build on cultural exchanges and knowledge links.

The first part brought mentors from the UK to Phnom Penh to run 1:1 mentoring, create new music to our Cambodian cohort and teach a special public masterclass series in October of 2018. These public masterclasses at Raintree event space covered:

  • James Taylor taught how to ‘use of the mouth as an instrument’

  • Simon Glenister showed us how to memorise 100's of chords on the piano in less than an hour.

  • Andrea Hector Watkins wowed us with Ways of listening // ways of hearing.

  • Isi Clarke taught ‘Become a record producer… tomorrow.’

The second part took Cambodia to the UK in February 2020. The continued overseas exchange opened a new musical culture to Heang, a Sound Academy Alumnus and teaching assistant, and Reangsey Ry, from our 2019-2020 cohort.

Partnerships with Real World Studios and Metropolis studio gave these two artists access to world-class facilities and learning opportunities in one of the world’s great centres of music making. The opportunity also forged professional contacts and relationships; constantly widening our creative community is the cornerstone of the future success of our artists.

Shout out to Real World Studios Metropolis Mastering Michelle John Matt Colton Richard Chappell Angie Pollock Sylvie Lewis Michele Stodart Emma Stackhouse Callan Croft Justin Adams for the hospitality to the Kingdom of Wonder while in the United Kingdom.

This enriching exchange was funded by the British Embassy in Cambodia #UKKH #CreativityisGreat

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