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.WAV [Women's Amplified Voices] is a program supporting the next generation of young women through Music and tech. SOUND.WAV is the final part of the .WAV program. This graduation event, held on March 25th, celebrated the program's close with discussions, networking, a ceremony and a concert to provide a platform to promote women and youth in music and the arts.

The concert showcased performances of songs written and produced by the young and talented female students who have participated in the program for the last six months. Co-produced by Rondom, guest singers such as Chet Kanhchana, Sam Rocker, and Sin Sethsochatta appeared with the students during the performance. This concert also aimed to promote the movement of women working in the music industry production in Cambodia. In addition, it has given the students opportunities to start their careers by creating music in their style and writing meaningful messages that contribute to promoting women's socio-economic rights.

During the six month program, a collaboration with Kongchak Studio and Rondom allowed two of the .WAV students to promote their music project more widely, with their original song “Dream” being made into a music video.

The song, written by two young and talented female artists, Norea and Theary, featured the program Ambassador, Chet Kanchana. This video showcases the struggles of aspiring female artists in Cambodia and their resilience to overcome those challenges.

A huge thank you to all the speakers, sponsors, supporters and students who made this concert and panel discussion happen!

In Partnership with USAID, PACT WeACT project Created/Produced by The Sound Initiative and Rondom

Event sponsorship: RealMe, Kilat and Factory Phnom Penh (gold) Urban Living Solutions (silver) Amatak (bronze) Sabay Media

With special thanks to KlapYaHandz, Ableton, Women in Music, Beats by Girls

Here the media activity from this event.

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