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Being an artist means creating and expressing yourself through your art. Artists can improve their stage presence by understanding the key traits that would help them express their art better and be more confident. The Sound Initiative was pleased to host Chet Kanhchna, .WAV Program Ambassador, as a mentor to explore the topic of her journey to becoming a professional singer/songwriter.

The masterclass started off with a question: “What does being an artist mean to you?” Kanhchna shared how to gain insight into building a vision and a music career.

Though skills and talents are crucial in music, they are not exceptional. Here are Kanchana’s top tips on how to build your career:

1. Set your goal: It is going to be a struggle. Female artists especially have to overcome taboos and stereotypes. Create connections, build a community and be resilient and creative as you are walking toward a goal that you have set for yourself.

2. Express yourself: Share your own stories and remember to stay authentic. Be true to who you are and connect with others through your art. Do not bend to social demands for business otherwise, you will lose yourself.

3. Have principles/ be disciplined: Be resilient and disciplined as well as persistent. It is important to organise your time, divide the tasks and maintain healthy habits. Look after yourself both mentally and physically, as they both contribute to your performance.

4. Practice: Learn to use your skills and know the instruments and art well. As you are on stage, you are not just a musician, but you are also a performer. It is important to be flexible and quick-witted in front of the audience.

5. Do research: Watch and learn from other great artists, pick up traits that you think you can improve in. Do not copy them and stay authentic.

6. Work as a team: It is inevitable to work as a team; there will be people you have to work with, so learn to communicate and be sure to lead as you are the artist and you are portraying your art with the crew's help.

7. Be confident/trust the process: Believe in yourself and be open to feedback from people and constructive criticisms and try to improve and build yourself into the best potential continually. Ignore hurtful insults. Styling and brand are also essential to establishing your artistry.

8. Have fun: Enjoy your performance and have fun expressing your art. Speak, share and interact with your audience as you go!

During the masterclass, Kanhchna also shared footage of the concert of her debut album, Sweet Nightmare. A successful outcome of her commitment and emotional effort towards becoming an empowered female artist.

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