Having a good mentor can be helpful. Having a great mentor can change your life.

Most of us have had a teacher, supervisor, or coach who has been a mentor to us... 

Mentoring is an important part of our vocational music training programme. We are looking for music mentors to support young Cambodian artists in their journey. 

The mentorship programme connects Cambodian youth and international music industry professionals for a skills and cross-cultural exchange. This is to improve knowledge and understanding, encourage collaboration and broaden insights in to professional pathways for emerging artists.

We are currently in the first phase of matching Cambodian musicians with international music industry mentors

    What you should know about mentoring

    The Programme. 
    This will be conducted over a ten day residency in Phnom Penh, in 24 October – November 2nd 2018. We are looking for established musicians who would like to share their expertise by joining The Sound Initiative mentoring scheme.

    This will give visiting musicians the opportunity to:

    · Exchange knowledge with young professionals working in an emerging music industry
    · Create new music with young Khmer musicians
    · Bring fresh understanding into musical work and gain experience mentoring in a cross-cultural environment  
    ·  Gain insight into a new music culture

    The programme will include facilitating:

    · Group sessions with up to ten Cambodian musicians aged between 18- 25
    · 1:1 personalised mentorship meetings
    · 1.5h masterclass on specialised topics (open to public)
    · Performance of new music created during the programme

    TSI Participant Profiles
    Age range: Youth (18-25 years old) 

    Musical backgrounds:

    · Performers: Rappers, Singer/Songwriters, Producers
    · Producers using: FL Studio, Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton
    · Genre: Hip-hop, Pop, EDM, Rock
    · Instruments: guitar, piano, traditional Khmer instruments, digital technology
    · Performers: Rappers, Singer/Songwriters, Producers

    Mentor Application considerations

    Key areas of interest/development:

    Songwriting/Artist development and creativity

    • Building relationships and communication
      - Recording and working with producers, audio engineers, studio management
    • Developing songwriting technique, improving performance skills
    • Creative processes in songwriting
    • Song arrangement, analysis and genre studies
    • Stagecraft and presentation, performance skills
    • Designing and structuring a plan to achieve goals in music


    • Building relationships and communication
      - With artists, audio engineers, studio management
    • Digital production in Ableton and DAW fundamentals for beginners.
    • Designing and structuring a plan to achieve goals in music
    • Making Music:
      - Creative production techniques and workflow
      - Composition, arranging, mixing, recording vocals, mastering

    If you are: 

    1. An experienced musician and performer, who has worked in an educational/mentoring context
    2.  A musician with varied experience of music-making/performing, working with a range of age groups and familiar with a wide range of learning styles
    3.   A musician who is confident at speaking in public
    4. Relevant professional work experience in youth development or supporting emerging talent
    5. Skills needed in one or more: performance, songwriting, production and/or technological skill. Musicians also with a background in pop/rock, hip hop, electronic/digital, production, sound design, beat-making.
    6. Able to commit to ten days in Cambodia [expenses covered]. 

    Deadline (September 14, 2018)