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Our Services

Whether you’re recording a song, adding voice-over to a commercial, or creating a signature jingle for your brand, our team of experienced producers and engineers are fully equipped to deliver your sound with clarity and precision.


Studio Hire

Other Information
2hr Minimum
4hrs, Between 8AM-6PM
Full Day
8hrs, Between 8AM-6PM
Late Sessions
For sessions outside studio working hours (8:00 AM - 6:00PM)
August Promotion


Other Information
Minimum 2hrs. Includes set-up and recording. Excludes voice-over actors.
4hrs Plus
Includes set-up and recording.
Voice Actor
Editing, Mixing, and Mastering
Includes option to attend a session for final tweaks.
Project Price
Services include: sourcing voice-over actors, coaching, revisions, sound design, jingles, and non-profit social campaigns.

Custom Music Production

Production Stage
Initial meeting
We meet with you to establish a clear understanding of your project and your goals.
We engage the creative team, explore references, and develop a detailed production plan.
Production - Demo Stage
We create a demo of the custom music for you to review. Once approved, we move onto the final production stage
Production - Final Production
We do the final recording and mixing of all instruments and vocals. There will be an opportunity for you to review and suggest final changes.
We make requested changes, master, and deliver your product in the agreed-upon formats.

The Sound Initiative

Factory Phnom Penh
B5 F4 1159
National Road 2
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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