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These inspiring and generous souls give their time to teach professional secrets behind composition, recording, production, and performance.

Engagement can range from a few hours of Q&A to the length of a program cohort. Some of these are funded by grants, while others are fueled by a personal connection to our mission and donated time.

As our community and programming grows, we hope to build these out even further, with input from past cohorts, and to bring back student favorites year after year.

2018 - 2019 Topics & Teachers

  • Experience Of being an artist in Cambodia and working in the industry w/ Kanhchna Chet

  • Tips and tricks to get music to sound uniquely your own. What makes a pop song a good pop song. w/ Matthew Hines (Izotope), musician and producer

  • Music mixing and mastering workshop for producers w/ Justin Hedburg (LASALLE, Singapore).

2019-2020 Topics & Teachers

  • Getting Started in the Music Industry' - making music, MV's, marketing, and staying healthy w/ Nikki Nikki, @ Java Cafe TTP Black Box Theatre

  • Mastering a track professionally w/ Chee Chhea, [DJ Chee], Cambodian Producer signed to KlapYaHandz.

  • Finding and working with Commercial Clients w/ Soria Oung,

  • Show and Tell w/ Kang Piseth, from Coconut Band

  • Health and Wellbeing, looking after your mental health in a challenging industry. w/ Carrie Herbert.

  • Writing lyrics and old Khmer language and poetry w/ Ven Son

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