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In the years since The Sound Initiative has opened its doors to talented young Khmer, we have encountered many artists and producers with a deep passion for music, regardless of gender, age, or livelihood. Many of our past programmes focused on both the technical and creative sides of the music production industry, providing our students with vocational training and resources to raise the standard for the next generation of artists and producers.

Music Production is already a restricted profession, and with the lack of mentors and role models to look up to, there is no easy way for women to get in. The majority of women in the music industry are performers and artists, but on the production side, there are few that come to mind. Fortunately, Music Production is now accessible to anyone with access to a computer in Cambodia.

As our programmes continue to grow, The Sound Initiative is excited to announce our newest project to date, ".WAV" in partnership with PACT Cambodia’s WE ACT Project through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). WE ACT supports young women entrepreneurs to strengthen their skills, business linkages, and participation with relevant associations focusing on both entrepreneurship and civic engagement.

.WAV is a women-focused programme that spans the duration of 12 workshops delivered by TSI trainers and complemented by extra masterclasses from industry experts locally and internationally. .WAV helps women learn the skills to express themselves through audio production. The intensive training covers professional audio and recording techniques and teaches skills in music production, marketing and the business side of the music industry.

.WAV aims to close the gender gap in the music industry. This means specifically supporting women so that there is greater equality between men and women in this industry by providing education, resources and mentorship tailored to the needs and challenges of our students.

Alongside our workshops series, The Sound Initiative is also running an awareness campaign, with the first part consisting of case studies and a music video about women in creative fields. The campaign features real-life examples, gives insight into the workings and day-to-day life of the creative industry, and allows women's stories to be heard first-hand. Representations of women working in and dominating the music industry behind the scenes are important for the next generation of creatives to have role models and to give them confidence and reassurance to pursue their dreams.

The second part of the campaign gives youth the opportunity to have their voices heard through our online forum that allows direct communication with decision-makers. We strongly encourage youth to learn more about civic engagement and understand their role as the glue that brings the community together through their artistic works.

At the end of the course, our 10 participants will have a tangible outcome and musical products ready to be proudly displayed to the world., They will also have the chance to apply for a $500 scholarship to further support their careers or kick start new creative projects

In short, there is so much more potential and opportunities to come in the near future for music production and the music industry in Cambodia. The Sound Initiative believes that if the women get more support, they will greatly promote themselves, their livelihood and the further development of the music industry in Cambodia. And hey, it's a free course too, so what are you waiting for? You can register HERE.

.WAV is a partnership program with USAID Cambodia funded by Pact Cambodia Office's through the WE Act Cambodia project. Learn more about USAID and PACT here.

For more information about this course and any other future programme from The Sound Initiative, please reach out to us on our social media and consider signing up for our newsletter.

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